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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

Coal, mining, monitoring and simulation, information management, software, graphics component library source code for C/C++, .NET , 100% VC++ Source Code is Shipped.


Equipment, instrumentation solutions in E-XD++ visualization component library is an important solution, E-XD++ Visualization Graphics is a 100% Visual C++ / MFC  based Real Time Vector Graphics Source Code Kit, it ships with complete source codes,  it contains the most popular Gauge and Dashboard and HMI design, editing capabilities features. From the first version of E-XD++, it already has the full features on HMI & SCADA Design, the current version of E-XD++ has performed its functions to extreme, basically, if you want to build any very professional HMI and SCADA or Other real time graphics based applications,  E-XD++ will be the best choice. It has almost all the features of a very professional HMI & SCADA software. It supports SVG Importing and Exporting. DXF Importing and Exporting, XML Loading and Sving, many kinds of Gauge And Dashboard. The VBScript & JavaScript is used for action controlling of any shapes on the canvas.  It will be the best choice for building your own "Full Customized" Industry software, you do not event need to write one line of code, a very professional and complete functional HMI application is created, it will saves you at least 80% of building time and a lot of money.

 Coal mine safety supervision is the biggest challenge facing the Government of, E-XD++ visualization component library to quickly build graphical coal, mining, oil, coal and other aspects of visual surveillance monitoring software to provide the best solution, follow these steps:

 1. using the code generation process or the rapid construction of complex graphic design safety monitoring procedures for the various graphics.

 2. the use of drag an drop or other large graphics editing, typesetting ability to rapidly build a variety of security monitoring page.

 3. the collect data into the corresponding Graph control, real-time adjustment to its state and refresh the canvas.

 4. To switch to run mode, or make a run mode only in the procedures to publish the final work.

 E-XD++ library itself all created by ​​using C + + development, with a strong response, basically all the functions are to provide a corresponding virtual function can be overloaded, allowing you to customize any feature.  XML handling class to provide professional web-base data dissemination to provide the most convenient approach.  Save you a lot of development time!

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    We offer these solutions does not mean that E-XD++ component library visual graphics applications can only develop these areas, in fact, E-XD++ like any other third party C ++ component library contains hundreds "Ready to use" functions separately. Same with QT,  MFC, etc., you can independently determine the need for E-XD++ in a function, in general, as long as you need graphics, you need flow charts, control charts, printing, typesetting , simulation, electronic maps, power wiring diagrams, forms, etc., you can use the E-XD++ components library, of course, sometimes Maybe you only want to use the the color drop - down control without the need of other graphics function, you can still use E-XD++ to do that!  
 First, the coal mine monitoring system software:

 Use E-XD++ component library visual graphics easily build any coal-based security monitoring software Geographic:

  . By E-XD++ visualization component platform composite graphic design program, you can easily design coal mine safety monitoring software need any graphic element.

  . Any of the graphics components are built-in timer function independently, based on data collected in real time any change of state.

  . By automatic code generation process, can easily develop other need more monitoring of changes in pixel, for example, the number of response personnel the mine, location, state of the pixel.  E-XD++ plug and play capabilities to the custom property any time for any number of new primitives added a new property values, such as: certain coal mines, certain mines, a certain position and so on.

  . E-XD++ provides a powerful graphics editing capabilities for the production of complex document based on geographical convenience.  You can freely set the canvas size, measurement units, zoom way in any geographic location of the shortcut editing graphics.

  . E-XD++ itself is entirely based on C + + component library, by any C + + development of data transmission and acquisition modules can be directly integrated into the E-XD++ in different languages ​​without the need to call trouble.

  . Rapid response is essential monitoring software, E-XD++ based on C + +, high-performance, ability to respond very quickly, without waiting, the state has been refreshed.

  . Providing professional xml processing classes for the data transmission network provides the most rapid development tools.

  . Ocx consistent feature the provision of web-based deployment and use of other cross-platform provides the most comprehensive solution.

  . Support SVG Import and Export.

  . Support DXF Import and Export.

  . Support ArcGIS shape Importing.

  . Support XML Loading and Saving.

  . Support Microsoft Access (*.MDB), SQL Server, etc.

  . Support 1,000 printer drivers.

  . Full tested on all Visual Studios (From Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2023).

  . Full tested on all Windows (32 bits to 64 bits).

  . Can be used on Windows CE.

  . 100% VC + + source code for all available to you, even including the UCCDraw the ocx control with full source code.

  . At the same time, the control OCX is provided, which is convenient to use in .NET, Web, C# and other language environments.

 Here is the E-XD++ Visual Component Library source code control system of coal enterprise version of the basic steps of application development:

 1. Designed monitoring system of coal required components:
 This step can be E-XD++ provides ShapeDesigner application to the design, this tool can directly be Microsoft Visio or ConceptDraw other professional graphics tools designed components directly into (SVG file) came in with, of course, you can also ShapeDesigner itself provided basic components of the rich coal needed to design control system components.  At design time, can easily design directly to the canvas element by Copy, Paste way to put a tool box on the left, as shown below (Note: This ShapeDesigner together with the source code itself, E-XD++ provides the official version can be customized as needed):

 When we design components of the composite components can also be a single definition of a number of sub-components to facilitate later identification and handling of the Key ID values ​​that can later obtain directly by calling GetKeyID.

 2. The design of coal monitoring system needs a graphical interface:
 E-XD++ provides a special interface design tools DiagramEditor, in this tool, we can easily apply the above ShapeDesigner through various coal monitoring system designed to build a graphical interface components.  Interface in the structures, as required for specific components we can specify the Key ID value, the Key ID value for us in specific programs to control, for example, we can control the switch off and open, lights flashing and so on.  We designed a graphical interface can be saved as a single xdg file, as shown below: (Note: This DiagramEditor the source code itself, together with the E-XD++ provides the official version can be customized as needed):

 3. To create the coal industry applications:

 By E-XD++ visualization component library provides graphics integrated in Visual Studio's AppWizard (Application Creation Wizard) to automatically generate the framework code monitoring system of coal can be top of our design by DiagramEditor xdg files into this program as a resource file when loading a design interface, we need to call when the following function:

LoadXdgFromResource(...);  LoadXdgFromResource (...); if we need to switch to the new interface, you can also call the function to load the new interface.  Reference sample NetworkDemo.

 4. External data collection:

 External data acquisition we can View the Window class or classes of timer to be collected, when the need to update the interface when the status of the components can be design directly above us to get the Key value of the graphic elements or sub-component graphics.

 5. Transaction processing:

 By overriding the appropriate virtual function to time a variety of transaction processing, for example, we only need to cover the following virtual functions CFOPCanvasCore class to respond to button events:

virtual void DoButtonClickEvent(CFODrawShape *pShape, const int &nSel); virtual void DoButtonClickEvent (CFODrawShape * pShape, const int & nSel);

 6, scripting support:

 E-XD++ visualization solution provides a complete scripting support is available through VBScript or JavaScript to control any component on the canvas of the state, provided nearly 500 the default system control functions, the script will be with the program's source code be provided with the official version.

 Second, ERP and other management system solutions:

 Development of any ERP and other management systems, can more or less used in E-XD++ visualization component library, E-XD++ will be built in the business processes, report printing, paper printing, production flow chart, charts, and scalable interface design, etc., save you a lot of development time.

  . Provides the industry's most professional flowchart creation and editing, as you develop the ERP system to create any flow diagram to provide the most efficient solution.

  . E-XD++ graphical drag, complex editing techniques is the development of design systems to print any report required to have, in the E-XD++ visualization component library developed on the basis of statements of print design system becomes extremely easy.

  . E-XD++ complete printing capabilities, so you do not need the complexity of Windows GDI print function write one line of code, from the choice of printer, printing paper, the print function of border control, etc., directly available.

项目符号  100% MFC design, and provides all the source code, without reservation.
项目符号  Effective more than 500 thousand line of code, and more than 300 C + + extension classes.
项目符号  Automatic code generation process, and complete the development of documentation to help you quickly build a variety of applications on E-XD++.
项目符号  Development of advanced application systems to provide complete and scalable interface control.
项目符号  Property line of code changes and provide support for Undo / Redo function.
项目符号  Users on the canvas according to their needs, components, operation, and other custom operations.
项目符号  Supports both single page or multi-page application.
项目符号  The layout of the components, layout, organized in the order.
项目符号  Print, print preview and output to the image.
项目符号  Draw a straight line, mark lines, curves, rectangles, ellipses, add text, and pictures.
项目符号  Provide more than 80 examples of various development programs.

More than 500 thousands lines "all carefully designed and rigorously tested" C/C++/.NET source codes,  all complete source codes is shipped without any reservations!

 Provide more than 400 C + + extension class, more than 500 thousands lines of effective VC++ / MFC source code, more than 70 ready to use solution's source code, complete an detailed online help system and user documentation, supporting development tools designed! 

 Powerful, flexible and easy to use graphical visualization of source code libraries.
 Powerful and flexible components to create a variety of charts to meet your needs.  Product design specifications, it is easy to use, in just a few days can be designed according to your needs products.  We provide complete support for products, download the trial.

 Ultra-versatile, such as automatic layout, multi-level collapsible sub graph, cell connection point, XML, DXF, SHP, SVG, etc., can help you quickly create complex and flexible chart.  Supports a number of events: such as click, double click, hover, select, rubber band select, copy, delete, resize and move the support.  Support the most complex operations: such as drag an drop, unlimited undo / redo and clipboard operations and so on.

 Save time and money to obtain reliability.
 A picture is worth a thousand words, E-XD++ offer more than 500 thousands lines of well-designed and well-tested C/C + +/.NET source code!  Development takes years, thousands of customers worldwide validation, can save you a lot of development time and money!

 Try it now!
 Do not just listen to us say it a try!  Our free trial includes all you need to prototype your application.  Free technical support.


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