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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET


UCanCode ToolBox --- 

A Very useful Replace all in Files and Visual Studio Project Renamer

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Author homepage:
UCanCode Software(www.ucancode.net)

This application searches for the conditions you supply and replaces it in all the files in the selected directory and it's subfolders. You can add as many conditions as you want, Example 1:

Also This program is also a Visual Studio Project Renamer, you can use this program to change the project name. This program will replace all occurrences of old name to new name in all files and rename all filenames that have the old name in it. It will walk subdirectories.

To rename a project, you need two steps:

At first, use the replace conditions to replace all project files include “dsw,dsp” files.

Second, You can use another replace conditions to rename all files.

Example 2 (To replace Test1 project with MyTempProject):

1.      Use the following conditions to replace all files in folder Test1:

2.      Use the following conditions to rename all files in folder Test1:

Use with care and on your own risk! Make backups before you use this program. Do a 'rebuild all' on your renamed project.

Click here to downloadNew! Build 03/17/2002) 


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