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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

    A cool year selector
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UCanCode Software(www.ucancode.net)

This is a simple Year Calendar control, you can use it freely.

The class hierarchy chart details the class relationships of year calendar.


To use the Year Calendar control in your project you will need to add a number of files to your project:

AFCYearSelectWnd.h Main Year Calendar control header file.
AFCYearSelectWnd.cpp Main Year Calendar control source file.


OK - so how do you use it?

The underlying class of the Year Calendar control is AFCYearSelectWnd which is derived from CWnd. To use it, you can use AFCYearSelectWnd::Create:

AFCYearSelectWnd m_YearWnd;
m_YearWnd.Create(rect, pParentWnd, nID);

where rect is the dimensions, pParentWnd is the parent window, and nID is the id.

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