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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

VX++ Cross-Platform Graphics C/ C++ Source Code Kit

Cross-platform industrial control\ modeling simulation \ configuration\monitoring source code solution 2023 --- All C++ source code is 100% provided!

20 years of development and accumulation, 100% written in C++, 100% open source, 100% independent and controllable!

As a world-leading configuration software platform provider, UCanCode recently launched the VX++ cross-platform open source software platform. The platform consists of two parts, designer (HMIMaker) + runner HMIPlayer + VXLib . The interface part adopts the QT library design and supports cross-platform operation. , supports many operating systems, so as to realize multi-platform operation and collaboration, with multi-platform support (Windows, Linux, etc.), unified development platform, multi-platform cooperative operation, realization of intelligence and IoT, and UCanCode VX++ 100% open source , all functions can be expanded as needed, all functions can be customized as needed, and the supported operating systems are as follows:


The core source code of VX++ is completely transplanted to UCanCode's leading E-XD++ product, inheriting the stability of E-XD++, and is an autonomous and controllable configuration platform for cross-platform, cloud-network side-end, one-time configuration, and multi-platform operation. Cross-platform VX++ software is designed with a cross-platform C++ class library, which integrates functions such as graphic display, vector editing, scripting, expression operation, logical connection, SVG import and export, data conversion, and logical processing, providing all source code automation platform software. Its powerful functions, rich protocols, easy to use, cross-platform support and other characteristics. It can be used in a wide range of fields such as simulation, modeling, configuration, monitoring, logic diagram, circuit diagram, scientific computing simulation and so on.

 Download VX++ full-featured free evaluation version -- download address ( new in 2023 !)

VX++ is a state-of-the-art real-time graphics framework  for developing highly graphical dynamic interfaces: not just simple buttons and menus, but fully animated graphic objects that display dynamic data and react to user interaction. It's not just a drawing tool for creating "pretty pictures" (there are many), but a graphics engine that allows developers to define graphical objects and interact with them programmatically. Specifically aimed at application developers, it transforms the tedious work of low-level graphics coding into engaging, interactive designs for high-level behaviors.


The following is the complete list of supported platforms for VX++ as follows:

1. Linux (embedded)


3. Domestic Linux series (Red Flag, winning the bid for Kirin)

4. Redhat (Red Hat Linux)

5. All Windows platforms (XP, Win 7, Win 10, etc.).

6, the full range of general Linux (other Linux) and so on.

Support processors (all series of X86, Arm, Qualcomm, HuaWei, Intel, LongXin, etc.), support all series of embedded ARM.


VX++ supports rich communication protocols and physical link interfaces, and supports user-defined protocol extensions. VX++ supports the import of external svg vector graphics elements, provides thousands of configuration graphics elements, and provides toolbox classification for management. Users can quickly build configuration screens by simply dragging and dropping. Users can also customize the controls (add, delete, etc.) according to their own needs. Support scripts (script functions can be expanded at will), mathematical expression operations, real-time databases, etc. Support user rights management, support networking and executable file publishing capabilities.

The world's leading, 100% open source, our open source is not like other companies only open source interface, our source code contains the entire configuration platform, including designers, runners, drivers, scripts and so on. It can be safely used in any military, aerospace, nuclear power, rail transit, electric power, energy, chemical industry, etc.


VX++ provides two parts of configuration screen builder HMIMaker and runner HMIPlayer:

1. HMIMaker and HMIPlayer

As the core of UCanCode VX++, the graphic generator HMIMaker plays a central role in the toolkit. HMIMaker allows developers to define the appearance of an interface independent of its functionality and change it at any time without touching the code, thus avoiding time-consuming compile-link cycles. It provides easy access to all advanced features of VX++ graphics objects, including 2D and 3D dynamics, custom events, viewport and image objects, layers and subgraphs, groups and object hierarchies. HMIMaker allows developers to define complex connections between graphical objects while leaving functional logic where it belongs: a more functional programming environment. The programming API provides seamless access to high-level resources defined in the graph, so code doesn't need to care about the appearance of the interface, only its logical structure. HMIMaker is used for screen design and can be easily inserted into the framework of your application. Therefore, it still allows unrestricted access to the graphics object engine within the component. The configuration of animation can be used as a design and configuration platform for configuration, industrial control, HMI man-machine interface, simulation, modeling, logic, etc., with the following basic functions:

1), HMIMaker supports the management of the entire project by means of engineering projects.

2) A project supports any number of screens for management, including adding, deleting, etc.

3), supports the most extensive vector graphics drawing, arrangement, editing, etc., providing more than 3000 various graphic components, these vector graphic components can be combined into various states through the configuration screen, including buttons, LEDs, state switching, etc.

as follows:


 4), support js script, and provide a professional script editor, through the script, you can control any graphic element or screen of the screen. Script functions can be extended according to their needs.

5) It supports a wide range of graphic elements such as dashboards, real-time curves, input controls, etc. These graphic elements will effectively assist you to design a very professional screen.

6) Provide a wide range of design communication connections, including RS232/RS485, Ethernet, bus, etc., support a wide range of protocols such as Modbus RTU, ModbusTCP, SIEMENS, Mitsubishi, etc., as shown below:

Because it is open source, it can be extended and customized according to your own needs.

7) VX++ supports multi-picture splicing mode, and provides professional splicing tools to assist you to complete the splicing of pictures, as shown below:

8), support real-time variables, global variables, system variables, etc., and provide a professional variable manager:

9), provides conditional expression calculation, user rights management and so on.

10), support networking, stand-alone and server communication, etc. Professional real-time database support is provided.

11), provides the output function, you can output the required exe according to your own needs.

12), support import and export as SVG. With html5, you can develop web applications.

13) The embedded system support capability adopts a tailorable system architecture, which can tailor the components according to the function, and can adapt to the embedded Linux system. The software can meet the customized service of users.

14 , support dual/multi-machine hot backup, IO redundancy, host redundancy, communication redundancy, the system can intelligently detect different types of faults and automatically perform corresponding operations, the switching time is within one second, to ensure system security Reliable operation.

15), more than 3000 kinds of exquisite sub-graphs, more than 40 kinds of statistical controls, flexible trend curves, and easy-to-use reports.


VX++ is divided into configuration environment and operation environment. The configuration environment is recommended to run on the Windows system platform, Linux, etc., that is, you can configure on Windows or under Linux.

The operating environment can also run into multiple environments, that is, cross-platform operation. Users can download the assembled project to the running device through the network or USB to run according to the configuration project. 


VX++ software integrates automation applications such as device communication, graphical interface, data conversion, logic processing, networking, and output as svg web page operation, and provides a unified development environment to support applications: smart device operation, web access interface, mobile APP There are four operating modes, such as application and local computer operation.

The VX++ configuration tool can work on both Windows and Linux , and is a true cross-platform application. It is very useful for domestic independent replacement. Projects designed by VX++ (screens, scripts, device connections, etc.) can be directly simulated or run in some large application systems. When integrated into a large system, you can call the Api of the VX++ runtime library through VC++, C#, Java, or other C++ , etc. The following is a description of the operation steps:

1. Use HMIMaker to build a new project, in which we configure variables (real-time), device connection, animation, open dialog boxes, multi-screen jumps, etc.), as shown below:

2. Run Qt Creator and create a new project named HMITest1.

3. Open and add VX++ library support, as follows:


QT += core

QT += gui

QT += widgets

QT += network

QT += script

QT += sql

QT += xml

QT +=script

QT += charts

QT += multimedia

QT += multimediawidgets


win32 {

    LIBS += -lpthread -lwsock32 -lws2_32

} else {



greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets



CONFIG += c++11

#Introduce the path of the header file


#Introduce the path of the library and add the library

LIBS += -L$$PWD/./lib -lUHMILib

4. Open Main.cpp and include the following code:


#include "foinclude.h"


5. In the int main int argc , char * argv []) function, define the following code:


MainWindow w;

    HMIRun runTime("C:/temp/HMIDemo/");




        return -1;






        return -1;



    int ret = 0;

    HMIDataTimer *pTimer = new HMIDataTimer(); ( ) ;

    ret = a.exec();

    delete pTimer;


    return right ;


In this way, the configuration or simulation screen designed by HMIMaker can be integrated into your company's own Qt application. The operation effect is as follows:

Switch screen:


This running screen has a scroll bar, you can zoom, pan, etc. freely.

Of course, it can also be a combined picture of multiple pictures spliced ​​together.

The code operation is very simple.

If it is an embedded screen, you only need to download the HMIRun and screen projects we provide to the screen to run at the same time.

2. VX++ application areas:

VX++ open source cross-platform automation software, supports a wide range of operating systems, can really run on cross-platforms, has multi-platform support, and the development environment can also freely choose the operating system.

Multi-platform collaboration. The VX++ runtime environment can run on desktops and laptops, as well as embedded environments and large servers. The deployment is simple, only need to copy and download through usb or network.

Rail transit (high-speed rail -- subway -- urban rail, etc.):


wind power:

Ship monitoring:

nuclear power:

industrial control:





Human Machine Interface HMI:

Modeling and Simulation:

flow chart:



Building monitoring, computer room monitoring, simulation training, logic diagrams, etc.

Big screen:




The domestic operating system won the bid. The Kylin operating system adopts the enhanced Linux kernel, which has been widely used in energy, finance, transportation, government, central enterprises and other industries. The winning Kylin enhanced security operating system adopts the Galaxy Kylin KACF mandatory access control framework and RBA role rights management mechanism, supports the realization of security policies in a modular manner, and provides a unified platform for multiple access control policies. B2-level structured protection operating system products.

VX++ can run not only on high-performance industrial computer platforms, but also on embedded device platforms. Because it adopts full C++ programming, and most of the codes are transplanted E-XD++, VX++ has very high running efficiency. The performance requirements of the device are very low.

Use VX++ visual enterprise version to build your own professional industrial control, modeling simulation , monitoring configuration, training simulation platform! Download free evaluation version ( new in January 2023 !)

All over 300,000 lines of well-designed and rigorously tested source code are provided without any reservations!
Provide more than 300 C++ extension classes, 300,000 lines of effective C++ source code, complete and detailed user online help system and documentation, and well-designed auxiliary development tools!

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use source library for visual graphics.
Powerful and flexible to create a wide variety of diagrams to suit your needs. Product design specifications, it is easy to use, and in just a few days you can design a product according to your needs. We offer full support product download trials.

Feature rich.
Super functional, such as auto layout, multi-level, collapsible sub-diagram, cell connection point, XML, SVG, etc., can help you create complex diagrams quickly and flexibly. Supports a large number of events: such as click, double click, hover, selection, rubber band selection, copy, delete, resize and move support. Supports the most complex operations: such as drag and drop, unlimited undo/redo and clipboard operations, and more.

Save time and money and gain reliability.
A picture is worth a thousand words, VX++ provides over 300,000 lines of well-designed and well-tested C++ source code! It takes ten years to develop and has been verified by thousands of customers around the world, which can save you a lot of development time and money!

Try it now!
Don't just take our word for it, try it! Our free trial version includes everything you need to prototype your application. Free technical support.

 Buy the full source code:

The official version of the VX++ Visual Graphics Component Library Enterprise Edition provides all the source code for this solution , click the button below to order from UCanCode :

Purchase all source codes of UCanCode HMI and SCADA configuration solutions!


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