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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

UCanCode Software focuses on general graphics application software development. We provide complete solution for developers. No matter you want to develop a simple database workflow application, or an large flow/diagram based system, our product will provide a complete solution for you. Our product had been used by hundreds of top companies around the world!

"100% source code provided! Free you from not daring to use components because of unable to master the key technology of components!"

E-XD++ And UCanCode ActiveX Control Enterprise Edition

Do you really have the time to develop diagram and graphs for your C++ application? It is a waste of time to do any programming work not related to the business rules of your specific industry. Add complex diagrams and graphs to your application easily with XD++, a C++ graphing and diagramming class library built on and seamlessly coupled with the Microsoft Foundation Class.

Developing system software is a time-consuming and high-risk, especially when the application needs to handle different data relationships, to handle complex data flows, to handle complex connection diagrams, or to do printing, undo and drag operations. Since MFC provides only the most basic GDI functions, it could hardly give us much help if we want to develop such kind of application using MFC. To develop this kind of application, developers not only need to handle a lot of complex Windows GUI, but also need to do some complex and verbose mathematical computation. This would be an extremely time-consuming job.

More about E-XD++ Enterprise Edition...


Tour of UCanCode ActiveX Control For C#, VB.NET, VB, Delphi or other .NET Developers, the UCanCode ActiveX Control Component Tour can be found below:

Tour for UCanCode ActiveX Component

  There you can learn more about UCanCode's leading flow diagram component UCanCode ActiveX Control, this is a 100% OCX ActiveX Control, you can add flow diagram to you VB, Java, .NET application within a few minutes.


Visual Tour of E-XD++ Enterprise Edition

(One time purchase, life time use, 100% control. The most powerful features of E-XD++ is: all the operations done by mouse and keyboard on canvas can be implemented directly using code.)



Quick Tour for UCanCode ActiveX Control Component

This quick tour introduces main features of E-XD++ Enterprise Edition. It also helps you to evaluate it.

E-XD++ Enterprise Edition provides classical drawing environment, suitable for developing software for electric power system, military industry, coal mine, chemical industry, science research, energy resource etc . It is also suitable for developing professional applications like graph analysis, molding, CAD, industry SCADA system, ERP flow design system, work flow design, smart electric form system, complex form design and printing system, graph management, graph topology analysis, GIS, engineering drawing, science experiments, etc.

Also, E-XD++ provides high extendable, high performance C++ source code, free you from the blackbox of using OCX components.

The key strengths of E-XD++ are:

  • Usable Classes -- E-XD++ was designed from the start to be a reusable class library
  • Power -- easy definition of specialized graphical objects containing other objects
  • Flexibility -- any client application can implement its own visual syntax and semantics
  • Performance -- can handle thousands of nodes and arcs, can import any svg xml shapes.
  • Ease of Use -- supports object selection, drag-and-drop, auto-scrolling, zooming into diagrams, arbitrary scaling of individual nodes, assisted drawing of arcs, unlimited Undo / Redo supports.
  • Feel -- users can do in-place text editing, drag and drop, resize all using the "expected" user interface
  • Smooth -- supports double-buffering, real-time dragging, and Windows metafiles for full-resolution printing


  Proven and easy-to-use, E-XD++ integrated GUI components are designed to handle the low-level details of GUI application development, shortening development time and making it easier to build any kind of diagram based application:
New features includes:
1.Sub-graph support.
2.Over 20 new shapes.
3.Mind-map solution.
4.Database solution.
5.Quick drawing for canvas.
6.Multiple - pages printing and preview.
7.New samples.
8.Approximately 50 bug fixes.
"No projects limited!" you need only purchase E-XD++ for one time! after that, there is no projects limit of using E-XD++, E-XD++ includes thousands of features. C++ is high flexible and high extendable, which makes E-XD++ extremely powerful. It's really hard to describe the complete features of E-XD++. Here we just selected some features and new improvements that might be important to you.

1. Flexible and efficient data structure definition----MVC. 2. Completely based on C++, providing all source code.
3. GDI and GDI+ dual mode for drawing. 4. Perfect data exchange.
5. Flexible application style. 6. Freely defined canvas.
7. Perfect printing control 8. Projecting mode
9. Layer 10. Export to specified file formats.
11. Unlimited Undo/Redo operation. 12. Insert OLE components.
13. Auxiliary line. 14. Magic toolbox.
15. Grid line. 16. Dual-cache drawing.
17. Dual-mode editing. 18. editing mode and runtime mode.
19. Auto-scroll. 20. Auto-creation for connection line.
21. Object distribution. 22. Macro commands.
23. Draw from center 24. Load multi images files format(supports GIF animation)
25. Beeline-curve hybrid drawing. 26. Free transform between beeline and curve.
27. Process complex polygons. 28. Shape Shearing and Crooking operation.
29. Pass-by function for connection line. 30. Datasheet component for showing complex multi-column data.
31. omnipotent figure processing ability (including making collection between lines) 32. Auto-capture.
33. RTF file showing and printing. 34. Electric power system example
35. Science research example 36. Transaction flow example
37. Industrial control example. 38. CAD example.
39. EMF drawing example 40. City layout example.
41. Workflow diagram example. 42. Visio application example
43. Electric datasheet solution. 44. Integration with 3rd part interface library.
45 Card Print Solution 46. Map Panel Solution.
47. Workflow Diagram Solution 48. Record Diagram Solution
49. Proto Logic Diagram Solution 50. Advance Draw Solution.
51. C# Form Solution 52. Sub-graph
53. Mind-map solution 54. Gauge Diagram Solution
55. ODBC Database Designer Solution 56. Other features of E-XD++
57. Why You Need E-XD++?


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